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The Scholarship Club Guide

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The Scholarship Club Guides II Finding Applying and Winning Scholarships walks students through the process of finding, preparing for and winning scholarships.
The guide provides students:
  • Access to Scholarship and Grant databases
  • Professional accountability to help you to stay on track with application submissions
  • ​Templates for letters and resumes
  • Essay and student resume writing assistance to attract scholarship funders
  • Customized strategy and action plans for applying to scholarships

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The Scholarship Club is a community of students and parents who meet regularly to strategize on winning local and national scholarships. Founded in 2008, The Scholarship Club provides tools, resources and support to college bound students (and their parents or guardians) who are interested in obtaining scholarships to finance their college education.

The Scholarship Club advocates digital literacy during the process of finding, applying for, and winning scholarships. We do this by teaching students to use technology in leveraging their knowledge, skills, and experience to:

  • Obtain available educational funding
  • Minimize student debt
  • Become active in community service

The Scholarship Club works with students, beginning in 5th grade, to use technology to locate local and national scholarships, essay contests, and academic awards. We host monthly meet-ups that are free to the public.  A Scholarship Club member has a subscription and, in addition to the meet-ups, attends monthly webinars and receives weekly updates with tools and resources to assist in the application process. The Scholarship Club has a curriculum that spans 15 weeks of online guidance for parents and students. The Scholarship Club has published a guide that is available through Amazon books titled: The Scholarship Club Guide II Finding, Applying and Winning Scholarships and Academic Awards.

The Scholarship Calculator

Scholarship Calculator
Scholarship opportunities are all around you. 
It’s important to know which scholarship opportunity is best for you! Use our easy Scholarship Calculator to determine if you should apply for the scholarship now,later, or not at all. 

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About Us

Rondalynne McClintock M.Ed, MSIST is Founder and Executive Director of The Scholarship Club. Rondalynne holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSIE), a Master of Arts in Education (M.Ed.), a Master of Science in Information Systems and Technology (MSIST), and has completed coursework for a Doctorate of Philosophy in Information Systems and Technology(PhD ABD).

The Scholarship Club FPC began in 2005 in a living room in Rancho Cucamonga because some neighborhood students wanted to know how to how to find money for college.

Rondalynne McClintock, M.Ed. is recognized as a highly accomplished educator and trainer focused on providing expert guidance to students as they navigate the college application, selection, and acceptance process. Rondalynne is no stranger to empowering young people. With a focus on leadership development, she promotes and supports life and success skills, two critical components to help teenagers establish and attain goals.

An advocate of STEM Education, The Scholarship Club FPC leverages technology to introduce educational funding opportunities to youth using popular and social media. As a team, Rondalynne McClintock and  Talia Dotson serve youth as independent educational consultants and youth workshop leaders. Through The Scholarship Club FPC they have developed online and traditional classroom courses and programs, supporting a holistic teaching pedagogy.