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STEM/Tech Tours of Silicon Valley take Science Technology Engineering and Math education to the next level: you'll get a view of actual California technology companies in San Jose and San Francisco.

STEM/Tech Tours of Silicon Valley is an educational enrichment activity designed to support interest in STEM topics for students aged 13 - 19.  Each tour includes a visit to an actual technology work environments as well as a visit to a technology themed educational venue.

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Why should I invest in this tour?
This tour is an educational enrichment activity that exposes your child to real-life Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics concepts. It is an investment in your child. REGISTER TODAY.
How does this tour help my child?
STEM careers are the highest paying professions at the undergraduate level; most start at $100,000 right out of college. This tour offers students an up-close,hands-on view of the STEM experience in an informal learning environment. Students encouraged to pursue STEM careers typically have little/no exposure to STEM work. This tour introduces students to potential mentors and recommendation writers working at top technology companies who can model and positively influence their outlook on these professions. Additionally, this type of extra-curricular activity is sought after/ expected on successful scholarship/admissions applications
What if my child has not expressed an interest in STEM?
This tour would spark an interest in learning more about STEM careers and disciplines.
What's the next step? Is the tour a start of some type of program, or is it a stand alone activity?
Each tour is stand alone as part of STEM advocacy. Each month we tour a specific technology company and participate in a fun and engaging STEM focused activity.
What is the cost and how long does the tour last?
Each tour lasts 8 hours and costs about $250
Is there food or are snacks included?
Each tour begins with check-in and a continental breakfast. Lunch is provided during the tour. Also included are a cool T-shirt, a notebook, and a tote bag. 👕📒🎒

Tour Director Rondalynne McClintock, M.Ed MSIT


Rondalynne McClintock, M.Ed. is a degreed Engineer with advanced degrees in both Education and Information Systems & Technology. Rondalynne is Executive Director of The Scholarship Club and conducts educational tours for students to promote the study of STEM topics. REGISTER TODAY

Rondalynne holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSIE), a Master of Arts in Education (M.Ed.), a Master of Science in Information Systems and Technology (MSIST), and has completed coursework for a Doctorate of Philosophy in Information Systems and Technology(PhD ABD).
Rondalynne McClintock, M.Ed. is recognized as a highly accomplished educator and trainer focused on providing expert guidance to students as they navigate the college application, selection, and acceptance process. Rondalynne is no stranger to empowering young people. With a focus on leadership development, she promotes and supports life and success skills, two critical components to help youth establish and attain goals.
Rondalynne's extensive record of accomplishment as a higher education professional includes her experiences in organizational development and information systems. With her extensive knowledge of technical training, learning development platforms, and coaching, McClintock serves as a subject matter expert (SME) to professionals and students at all levels, to provide a robust understanding of a variety of business, technology, research, and leadership topics. Recognized as a proactive leader, McClintock is a sought after resource in organizational development, student mentoring, and project administration.

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2017 STEM/Tech Tour Schedule

January 2017 - Register today

  1. January 13, 2017( Friday): NetApp and Intel -   8 AM/5 PM
  2. January 28, 2017 (Saturday): The Tech and Intel -   8 AM/5 PM

February 2017 - Register today

  1. February 10 2017 (Friday): Facebook and The Computer History Museum - 8 AM/5 PM
  2. February 25, 2017 (Saturday): **Black History Tour of the Comp Hist Museum -10 AM/4 PM 

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